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Building your dream garden starts with an impeccable garden designer

Marjoram05editMaster landscaper Aerin Moore brings over 35 years of landscaping experience and a strong passion for collaborative garden design to every homeowner’s back yard.

Top garden designers are thorough — they understand how solid foundational work is the key to a garden’s lasting beauty and success. They offer creative solutions to local challenges like garden drainage, irrigation and soil quality. When it comes to working with their customers, the best landscape garden designers have an expansive aesthetic sense which supports but does not supersede the homeowner’s goals or visions for their gardens.

A landscape garden designer who listens

The more input the owner has in the design process, the more they will enjoy their garden. That’s why Magic Gardens Landscaping places such importance on collaborative design.

And as with any creative process, there are human surprises to consider — maybe a budget needs revising, or a new design element is introduced at a later stage. Magic Gardens Landscaping approaches these changes in direction with patience and understanding.

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Designing a garden to be with, not just to look at

tie stairs surrounded by flowers and treesIn addition to managing all aspects of home garden landscaping, Aerin Moore is also a teacher and lecturer on immersive garden design. The element of the pathway, he argues, generates the flow of the design and, once built, the garden itself. With each turn, the garden may be viewed from a different angle. Changes in flowers, shrubs, trees and other elements reflect these different points of view. Something as simple as replacing a flat, straight walkway with a mounded or curved path reveals greater depth and natural beauty than could previously be experienced.

Gardens that age beautifully over time

It is important that a garden landscaping company be able to assess the homeowner’s ground conditions and bring their knowledge of such local characteristics as climate and soil types to their designs. Landscape garden designer Aerin Moore has extensive experience building Bay Area gardens. He can identify and provide his insight on key aspects of your outdoor space, including:

  • Drainage (how water flows, collects and drains across your property)
  • Sun (identifying hot/dry and shaded/damp spots)
  • Slopes and contours (generating visual possibilities with mounding and other techniques)
  • Fences and walls (terracing heavily sloping land or bringing interesting levels to flat areas)
  • Architectural flow (creating unity between home and garden)
  • Local city requirements (permits, zoning for your zip code)

Another factor to consider when choosing a Bay Area landscaper is plant selection. Magic Gardens Landscaping has an extensive growing grounds, through which it is able to propagate and cultivate a unique variety of healthy plants. Homeowners will be surprised at the range of colors when considering their blossoms and foliage.

When working with other elements of garden design, Magic Gardens Landscaping provides choice without compromise. Our repertoire of water, rock and other custom art features is constantly expanding, thanks to the passion and drive of its garden designers.

Your vision, impeccably achieved

Echinacea01What is a beautiful design without accurate execution? Our professional, full-time landscaping, masonry, and electrician teams coordinate tasks efficiently and with respect to the homeowner’s vision. Homeowners are delighted to see their designs take shape.

Interested in collaborating with Aerin on a dream garden of your own? Call (510) 420-1328 or send us a message to schedule your consultation.

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