Planting Styles

This beautiful and eclectic garden incorporates edibles into the planting.
Treeferns add texture and interest to this wood planting.
Salvias and mite-resistant Fuchsias attract hummingbirds to this garden.
The dramatic foliage color of these succulents adds interest to this difficult corner.
Liriope is able to compete with Magnolia roots.
Chartreuse foliage of Fatshedera, a natural cross between ivy and fatsia, contrasts nicely with the bright red-orange of the house.
A well behaved Agave cornelius is surrounded by blue chalk sticks. Fence by other.
Aeonimus voodoo is a strong grower with great foliage color.
Lots of foliage color and texture add interest to this drought tolerant garden. Fence by other.
Fence by other.
A Berkeley hillside garden offers dramatic foliage, texture and year-round color.
Libertia peregrinans, with its dramatic orange-bronze leaves, adds year-round color to the landscape.
Dymondia is a good deer-resistant ground cover with bright yellow flowers in the spring.
Hypericum Rovallane is one of the taller and longest blooming St. Johnswort varieties.
A Bearss Lime is actually orange when it matures and is the best lime for our area. It's delicious.
A re-graded engineered slope after a landslide.
The same slope as the previous image planted with plants to hold the soil.
A birdbath adds visual interest - and birds! - to this romantic style planting
Island beds can be viewed from all sides and are easy to access.
This garden was well-maintained by the owner and has been the site for several weddings.
A semi-formal planting in a heavy deer area of Lafayette.
Chartreuse and yellow foliage contrast with maroon of the Heuchera in this north-facing sidewalk strip against the house.
Otto Quast lavenders add color to this deer-resistant planting.
Three towering statues, all women, stand in the background of this exquisite garden.
Different grasses add variation and textural interest to this garden.
This garden bridge beckons you to explore more.
A Mediterranean style planting for a beautiful Mediterranean style home.
The gazebo (in background) provides a destination for this classical shade border.
An attractive butterfly and bee garden.
Yarrow is one of the most attractive plants to beneficial insects.