Staircases and Pathways

A graceful staircase that made an inaccessible slope easy to walk.
This warm colored golden gravel is great for Mediterranean effects.
This staircase combines tie and flagstone.
This beautiful and eclectic garden incorporates edibles into the planting.
Colorful natural stone with a sealer makes an attractive entry walkway.
Natural stone steps with gravel create easy access through this edibles area.
This slope was regraded with stucco walls and a new brick pathway (note inlay detail) to create a much more dramatic effect.
This stacked flagstone staircase makes an attractive entry way in a short amount of space.
Flagstone on top of rock with ground cover harmonizes with the plants around it in this natural woodland garden.
Flat moss lava rock has Asian overtones.
Large and small stones in these walls add interest.
Stacked stone stairs transition into a tie staircase.
An interesting entry pathway of pavers framed by pressure treated lumber.
These stairs overflow with plants alongside the walkway of this sunny banked planting.
Different grasses add variation and textural interest to this garden.
A beautiful stacked flagstone staircase opens onto a motored flagstone patio.
The spacing of these 36" square pavers adds dynamic interest to this side garden.
This rustic, rose covered gazebo adds a timeless quality.
View from the second story shows the graceful flow of this flagstone walkway and patio.
The centerpiece of this brick walkway adds visual interest to a stately Piedmont home.
24-inch pavers surrounded by Dymondia ground cover meanders through this planting.
Large slabs of flagstone beckon you further into the garden.
Beautiful staircase follows the garden terrain.