Corner Property Needed Privacy

This garden needed privacy and security for the homeowners’ young children who enjoy playing ball in the front yard. Headlights often shine into the home as it is situated on a 3-way corner. A simple 3 foot wall offered privacy and defined the space without isolating the home from the neighborhood. The owners also wanted much more structural form and interest in their planting. This garden now has year-round color and lots of seasonal interest. The back garden is darker and beautiful sunny gravel patio was added to the side of the front porch which they use regularly.

Painted wall with new planting.
Custom gates designed, built and painted.
Filling block wall with cement.
Building the block concrete wall.
Pouring footings. This wall was on the edge of a slope and needed good sized footings for permanent stability.
Cement delivered and pumping!
Forming footings for wall installation.
Removal of sod and preparation for wall installation.
Before work began, view from the northeast property corner.
Before work began, view from the street.
Metal edging defines walkways, gravel laid between stepping stones already in place-improves the look and accessibility.
Front lawn and garden with remaining sod.
New wall and planting, 7 months later.
Olive trees add strong entry effect.