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At Magic Gardens Landscaping, landscaping design is a collaboration between the homeowner, the expert landscape garden designer, and the land itself. The transformation of your outdoor space begins with an in-depth consultation session. The homeowner and our master landscape designer Aerin Moore walk through the site together and discuss a broad range of landscape design and build ideas. We listen attentively to the homeowner’s vision for the space and the experience they’re looking to create. By integrating this vision with an extensive knowledge of plants, microclimates, site-specific needs the creative process begins.

Many landscape design firms will steamroll through the collaboration process; for us, collaboration is an essential part of our process.

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What to consider when starting a landscape design and installation project

Campanula03editBy offering extensive plant knowledge, a large inventory of propagated plants, impeccably efficient construction standards, and a passion for collaboration Magic Gardens Landscaping delivers outstanding garden experiences. Over and over we hear homeowners say they now have the garden of their dreams.

  • Homeowners should consider that every garden benefits from a good foundation — that means addressing any landscape drainage and irrigation needs from the start (drains and water flow, retaining walls, fences, sunny or soggy areas, etc). Construction projects are impeccably executed by our professional and experienced crew.
  • How do you picture yourself and your family enjoying your outdoor space? Do you want a space for entertaining guests? An imaginative play space for your children? A sanctuary offering peace of mind, or a space to simply sit and be warm after a day spent indoors? Magic Gardens Landscaping can assist in bringing your ideas and ideal worlds together into your own backyard.
  • There are so many wonderful elements to a garden. Besides working with all kinds of plants in native and safe non-native varieties, Magic Gardens Landscaping can integrate masonry work, water features, sculpture and found objects or other customized elements into your garden design. There may be opportunities to use your space in ways you have not previously considered.

“Magic Gardens recently completed a terracing/stonework project in our backyard. In the initial consultations with Aerin, the scope of his knowledge, passion for gardens, and artistic-creative eye merged into a beautiful vision of hardscaping and planting. We’ve had other landscapers do work for us, but honestly, I would not have anyone but Magic Gardens in my yard anymore! They are that good.”

-Sharon W., Albany, CA

Bay Area garden design with a worldly touch

Speedwell07editWhether you’re looking for a traditional California native garden or a more eclectic, out-of-the-box landscape design (or something in between), Magic Gardens Landscaping’s master landscape designer Aerin Moore will ensure that your plants succeed where they’re placed. Landscape design in San Francisco benefits from the region’s many unique micro-climates, which happily allow for the growth of a wonderful variety of plants. Our extensive growing grounds provide homeowners with unique and valuable sourcing options. If you long to step away from the native plants trend but aren’t sure where to start, we can help.

Currently, Magic Gardens serves homeowners in the following East Bay regions:

  • Orinda
  • Lafayette
  • Berkeley and Berkeley Hills
  • Oakland including Rockridge, Piedmont, Montclair and Oakland Hills

Ready to grow the garden of your dreams with help from one of the Bay Area’s top-notch landscape design companies?

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