This chapter from Successful Flower Gardening features Aerin’s work with color: his process in designing a color palette and using color theory to create balance, as well as contrast.  For the garden discussed here, Aerin integrated a lookout area to enjoy the richness and diversity of the landscape and a sophisticated irrigation system to maintain over 1,900 plant species and hybrids used in the design.  The homeowner comments that she used to travel as much as possible but, since working with Aerin, has adjusted the frequency and timing of her trips so as to enjoy the outdoor space fully, indicating the profound effect a beautiful garden can have on the enjoyment of one’s home.

Successful Flower Gardening (pdf)


Featuring the same garden as the chapter discussed above, this article highlights the larger design process for the space.   One of Aerin’s key design elements in this garden is it’s seasonal planting strategy.  Roses in summer, maple in fall, hellebores in winter and dogwoods in spring are just a few of the plants used to create color, diversity and visual interest year-round.  The spectacular photos that accompany this article offer insight into the breadth and quality of Aerin’s work but cannot fully do it justice.*

Color Year Round (pdf)


The garden discussed in this article is an example of how planting and styling can be customized to reflect the home owner’s personality.  Aerin’s masonry and stone work, among his most sought after services, are beautifully integrated into this project and are complemented by a waterfall and pond.*

Romantic Garden (pdf)


*Please note that Magic Gardens Nursery, mentioned in the articles above, was closed so Aerin could focus on his landscaping work full time.