Magic Gardens Landscaping is a full service landscape contractor and covers all aspects of construction and garden installation, including site preparation, soil preparation, all types of masonry, drainage, new irrigation systems, irrigation trouble shooting, tune-ups and maintenance, lighting, carpentry, innovative planting.

In our experience the more input homeowners have in the landscaping design process the more they love the results. We welcome and encourage clients to be as involved in the design as they like! Some clients like to be present throughout construction. We truly want to create gardens that are personal and will be enjoyed and loved.

All fees are quoted on a consultation basis and vary widely depending on the scope of the project, the plants that are chosen, and any other features or additions that are included.

Landscaping Design

  • Personalized and customized to the homeowner’s needs. We listen carefully and understand what the homeowner wants to achieve, enabling us to effectively design and install “the garden of your dreams”.
  • Landscaping design in a wide range of styles. Our design portfolio includes Mediterranean, woodland, classical, succulent and drought tolerant, creative art gardens and more.
  • Creative and innovative planting designs. By maintaining extensive growing grounds in Berkeley and buying plants from growers throughout California, we can offer the homeowner a diverse, innovative and comprehensive selection of plants to create their dream garden.
  • Modifying topography for optimal enjoyment and beauty. We are accustomed to working on large hills and steep slopes and can change the topography of flat areas by mounding. We put a lot of attention into shaping and grading.

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Your Personal Garden Designer

  • Your garden is an experience. Every space is different and we’ll work with the natural qualities of your existing area to create a beautiful outdoor space that can be enjoyed throughout the year. We’ll take into consideration the qualities of your space, such as drainage, sun, slopes and contours, fences and walls, and local city requirements. We’ll completely customize the design so that it will flow from your home, creating unity.
  • You’ll have many choices in the design, including our ever-expanding variety of water, rock and custom art features.

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Custom Landscaping

There are no pre-designed gardens or defaults with Magic Gardens Landscaping. We start by listening to your wishes, visions and desires and work from there to design a garden that reflects you and your space.

Completely collaborative. Based on your valuable input, the microclimate and terrain, we sketch our designs that will be part of the completely collaborative process.

Harmony with the surroundings. Whether your land has steep slopes, fog, all-day shade or hot open sun, we can show you how your space can be designed to match your vision while maintaining harmony with the surroundings.

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Walls, Staircases, Patios and other Masonry Contractor Services

  • Reputable masons, known for the quality of their craftsmanship. We design and construct a wide variety of stonewalls and flat work (patios, seating areas, etc.) using several hundred tons of stone per year. We also install concrete walls and stucco, which allow for a very pleasing sculpted appearance, and we can create beautiful stone edging for lawns and pathways.
  • Gardens you’ll love to walk through. We build many varieties of staircases using stone, timber ties and beautiful dyed concrete; our design standards are exceptional and ensure the garden is naturally easy to walk.
  • High quality materials. We have worked extensively with gravels of different sizes and colors and have perfected certain techniques so that the gravel stays in place.

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Landscaping Waterfalls and Other Water Features

  • Waterfalls to fit your space perfectly. We take great care in designing both the proportions (size and volume) and the sound of the water. A waterfall can create sound in three ways: water hitting water, water hitting rock and water passing through rock (which is the element left out of most waterfalls). Our waterfalls have a strong, soothing “brook” sound to them.
  • Custom designed water features. Also included in our portfolio are fountains with basalt rock columns, large water bowls with central jets, wall fountains, and other imaginative customized features.

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Garden Lighting

  • Soothing, functional lighting design. We work primarily with low voltage lighting appropriate for viewing the garden from the house or spending time in the garden in the evening. It is also possible to install high voltage lighting that is switched separately for areas under heavy use.
  • Integrated, stylish lighting design. We take a creative, artistic approach to lighting design, so that it flows well with other styled components of the garden.
  • Directional lighting for featured elements. Soft “washes” of light serve to illuminate a stonewall or other feature, creating a seamless transition from day to night. Similarly, uplighting accentuates trees and shrubs; pathway lighting allows for pleasing strolls under the stars.

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Planting Services

  • Beautiful plant designs, crafted for longevity. Magic Gardens Landscaping offers over 30 years of plant experience and is known for plant designs being successful over time. We are able to envision what the garden will look like right away – and what it will look like 10 years from now. Our planting designs have been featured in many books and magazines.
  • Gardens with year-round flower color. In addition to complementary flower design, foliage color is also an important consideration.
  • Plants with distinctive variegation. Our designs incorporate a wide palette of colors, including shades of white, yellow, pink and red – even black and chocolate brown.

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